FLBMail 31 Jan 2012 : Fees

Dear All As you know, at the end of last year, as a result of a number of concerns being raised about the late payment of fees, there was a request for data from members of the Association to see if any trends emerged and especially to explore the growing belief that there was a(…)

FLBMail : Annual Dinner

TO:  ALL FLBA MEMBERS The FLBA is delighted to announce details (below and attached) of the 2012 Annual Dinner, to be held on Friday 24th February in Middle Temple Hall:- The Annual Dinner of the Association takes place on Friday 24th February 2012 at 7.00 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. in Middle Temple Hall. I do hope that(…)

FLBMail: Legal Aid in the House of Lords, and farewell from Stephen Cobb QC

TO   ALL FLBA MEMBERS FROM STEPHEN COBB Q.C. [CHAIRMAN]   Legal Aid Bill: the Joint Committee on Human Rights reports (19.12.11)… “Legal Aid is a vital safeguard of people’s right to access justice.  We are concerned that certain aspects of the Bill will undermine that right.  While we welcome the Government’s proposed amendments to enable(…)

FLBMail: Delayed payments : Children giving evidence : Listing in the PRFD

TO:        ALL FLBA MEMBERS FROM: STEPHEN COBB Q.C. [CHAIRMAN] Delays in payment – collation of information FJC Guidance on Children giving evidence Listing of adjournments by consent and lodging of Position Statements in the PRFD   Delays in Payment: Further to my FLBMail on this topic last week (8.12.11), we have given further thought(…)

FLBMail 8 Dec 11: Update on Legal Aid And Other Topics

TO ALL FLBA MEMBERS FROM STEPHEN COBB Q.C. [CHAIRMAN] Legal Aid Legal Aid Bill update Postponement in implementation of legal aid reform to April 2013 Delays in payment Additional Court sitting days – January – March 2012: PRFD and elsewhere LBLA – tendering Bracewell essay prize Website Legal Aid UPDATE: The Second Reading of the(…)

FLBMail 14 Nov 2011 – Legal Aid Payment

TO ALL FLBA MEMBERS FROM STEPHEN COBB Q.C. [CHAIRMAN] I have received a number of complaints from sets of chambers in the last few days, following the introduction by the LSC of new Claim Forms for the Family Advocacy Scheme. These new forms came into being on 3rd October 2011. Those forms are CLAIM 5a(…)

FLBMail 3 Nov 2011

TO FLBA MEMBERS FROM STEPHEN COBB Q.C. [CHAIRMAN]   The Final Report of the Family Justice Review was published this morning. It is a lengthy, detailed, report containing many ambitious and robust proposals for the reform of family justice.  It plainly repays reading in full. The Family Justice Review Panel places children and families at(…)

FLBMail 31 Oct 2011

The Chairman and Committee of the FLBA are pleased to announce The Bracewell Essay Prize in honour of the memory of Dame Joyanne Bracewell DBE. It will be open to all members of the association who are less than six years call. A prize of £4,000, and a runners-up prize of £1,000 will be awarded to(…)