FLBMail 24 Mar 2014

Welcome to the 6th FLBmail of 2014. Membership and subscriptions The Treasurer, James Roberts, and our administrative team at the Bar Council have conducted a careful review of subscriptions paid by the membership. It has become evident that a large number of members have not been paying the correct level of subscription, some of them(…)

FLBMail 10 Mar 2014

Welcome to the 5th FLBmail of 2014. Although technically it is not yet Spring it certainly feels like it is. This last weekend I saw many happy, smiling faces – the effect of no rain and much sunshine. Long may it last. Legal Aid Cuts: Day of Action 7th March 2014 I am sure that(…)

FLBMail 24 February 2014

Faster Family Justice Group On 18th February we attended the first meeting of 2014 for this group, which consists of representatives of all professionals involved in the Family Justice System, who exchange information about developments and problems in the system. The President attends personally and takes a keen interest in all that is discussed. Feedback(…)

FLBMail 10 Jan 2014

One Bar: one voice On Saturday 8th February I attended the One Bar: One Voice event at Lincoln’s Inn in company with our Vice Chairman, the Secretary and many other members of the FLBA. The Chairman of the Bar opened the proceedings by summarising the history that has led us to this situation, with criminal(…)

FLBMail 27 January 2014

It is hard to believe that the month is nearly over. It has been a busy time but the next 3 months will be packed with developments related to the Modernisation Programme and I may feel compelled to communicate with you through this medium more regularly than fortnightly.  Brace yourselves!   President’s Guidance [See Guidance(…)

FLBMail 13 Jan 2014

Welcome to the second of my emails to the Membership, which will be fortnightly from now on. Many of you will not have the time to read all of this until later, so may I start by issuing another reminder that Alison Russell QC will be sworn in as a Justice of the High Court(…)