FLBMail 26 March 2018

It is hard to believe that almost three months have passed since I became the Chairman of the FLBA and I am sorry that it has taken me so long to write my first FLBMail. When looking at the missives sent by my predecessor, Philip Marshall QC, I see that it has become traditional to(…)

FLBMail : 5 Oct 2016

August and September have both been and gone. I trust you all enjoyed a most excellent summer break. But, sadly, the summer is now at an end, and autumn and the Michaelmas Term is upon us. A new legal year beckons. And we are firmly into conference mode: political (for those who are interested in(…)

FLBMail : July 2016

You will forgive me, I hope, that this FLBMail is being sent out later in July than is normal to coincide with the approach of the end of term, although I know that some of you are already away as school holidays seem to begin earlier and earlier each year. This is my sixth FLBMail(…)

FLBMail : 7 June 2016

As I return to my desk on Monday morning, after an impromptu half term break, inevitably the sun is shining. I trust those of you who had some time away enjoyed better weather than I did in chilly London N1. So perhaps summer has finally arrived? We shall see. I can already report that it(…)

FLBMail Jan 2016

Happy New Year to you all !! This is my first FLBMail as chairman of the FLBA. I confess that I embark upon my two years as chairman with some mild trepidation, but also with great excitement. As secretary, and then as vice chairman, I have had the pleasure to serve under four past chairmen(…)

FLBMail Feb 2016

What has happened to January? Where has it gone? This is my second FLBMail as chairman of the FLBA. Only twenty two more to go! January has been an excellent first month. Amongst other things, I attended my first ever meeting of the Bar Council. There can be few better ways to pass a Saturday(…)

FLBMail March 2016

March is upon us. Tempus does indeed fugit. Spring must surely be around the corner? This is my third FLBMail as chairman of the FLBA. February has been a busy and enjoyable month. I write this FLBMail on Saturday morning. Last night I enjoyed a most excellent evening in Middle Temple Hall hosting the FLBA’s(…)

FLBMail 15 July 2015

I am sending this FLBMail today, rather than wait till next Monday, because of the coming into force on Friday 17 July of highly important legislation. Amendment to the Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003 – in force 17 July 2015 The Government has fast-tracked the implementation of the new civil law protection measure, the Female(…)

FLBMail 5 July 2015

The Bracewell Essay Prize 2015 I am pleased to announce the launch today of the 2015 competition, which is open to all members of the FLBA who have been called to the Bar and are less than 6 years’ call on 31 July 2015. The title is: “I have a dream: the future of family(…)

FLBMail 8 Jun 2015

Government spending cuts Last week the BBC reported its understanding of the spending cuts which will be announced by the Chancellor in his July Budget. The Ministry of Justice is required to find savings of £249m which it plans to achieve by restricting the use of consultants and delaying capital projects. £105m will be saved(…)