Committee Docs

FLBA National Committee – Co-option

The FLBA Committee is elected by the membership but the constitution provides for a number of co-options to the committee every year, which we utilise to try to endure that the national committee remains diverse, representative and engaged with all of our membership. Whilst on occasion we may divine a need for a specific specialism(…)

Committee Dates for 2013

The FLBA National Committee meets monthly to discuss upcoming issues, and its subcommittees meet regularly in between. Your regional rep is a standing member of the National Committee. Members of the committee and sub committees can be located in the About section of the website (you need to be logged in). Dates for 2013 are:(…)

FLBA Annual General Meeting

The FLBA AGM will be held at Chester Racecourse on Saturday 19 November 2011, at 9.15 a.m. The meeting will begin promptly and will finish at 9.45 a.m. In light of the minor (i.e. whole scale) disruption caused at last year’s AGM by an influx of excited (i.e. noisy) latecomers, we have decided that this(…)

Election Results

Congratulations to the following people who have been elected to the National Committee as of January 2012: Chairman: Nicholas Cusworth QC Vice Chair: Susan Jacklin QC Secretary: Philip Marshall Treasurer: James Roberts Committee members: Kate Branigan QC Michael Horton Sarah Morgan Deepak Nagpal Andrew Powell Nicholas Yates