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Family Affairs is the FLBA's tri-annual magazine, which aims to keep members up to date with events around the country and important developments in family law and procedure. Available to members.

The FLBA's At A Glance has become 'the bible' for financial remedy practitioners in its twenty eight years of success. How to buy the 2019-20 edition.

National Committee

Cyrus Larizadeh QC   Chairman


Malek Wan Daud       Secretary



James Roberts         Treasurer





Mark Twomey QC   


Joy Brereton             


Caroline Topping      


Siân Smith


Victoria Flowers


Victoria Miller


Mehvish Chaudhry     (Joint Equality & Diversity Officer)      


Peter Newman


 Tim Parker   



Regional Representatives:


Jeremy Weston QC                West Midlands                          


Sarah Pope                             Bristol, BANES, N Som @ Gloucs


Katharine Bundell                    East Anglia                                


Nigel Page                              East Midlands                           


Richard Agar                          Kent & Sussex (Co-Chair)


Lynne McFadyen                    Kent & Sussex (Co-Chair)        


Jayne Pye                               Yorkshire







Co-opted members (Automatic)

Leanne Targett- Parker  (Bar Council)


Katherine Duncan           (Bar Council)


Jacqueline Thomas       (Bar Council)













Cleo Perry


Morgan Sirikanda




Charlotte Hartley


Katy Rensten


Sam King QC           (Joint Equality & Diversity Officer)        


Hannah Markham QC


Bibi Badejo


Melissa Elsworth       (Under 7 years’ call)                               





Kate Burnell                             Northwest (excl M’cr)                


Susan Grocott QC (Co-Chair) Manchester  


Justin Gray                              NorthEast


Neil Owen-Casey                    North Wales &Chester               


Ruth Henke QC                       South Wales East


Ruth Henke QC                       South Wales West


James Rees                             Devon & Cornwall                   


Corinne Iten                             Wessex                                    




Current co-opted members

John Wilson QC    Editor Family Affairs


Timothy Scott QC  International liaison  


Greg Williams


James Holmes  


Sam Momtaz QC


Victoria Wilson