FLBMail : 7 June 2016

As I return to my desk on Monday morning, after an impromptu half term break, inevitably the sun is shining. I trust those of you who had some time away enjoyed better weather than I did in chilly London N1. So perhaps summer has finally arrived? We shall see. I can already report that it(…)

Consultation : Adoption Guidance

The President has issued a consultation on proposed revision to the 2008 guidance concerning adoption cases. He asks for responses by 1 March 2016 to be sent by email to Andrew Shaw at : Download the draft guidance here.

Consultation on PD27A (Bundles)

The President of the Family Division has today circulated a consultation document, asking for views on proposed revisions to the Practice Direction on Bundles. Download the document here. Responses should be sent to Andrew Shaw in the President’s Office by 1 March, at Members of the Association are encouraged also to send their views to(…)