FLBMail 6 Jan 2014

Message from the Chairman Dear Members, Happy New Year to you all. I am making contact with you early in 2014 to let you know what to expect from the FLBA during my chairmanship. I intend to send an FLBmail every 2 weeks on alternate Mondays commencing 13th January. In between those communications I propose(…)

FLBMail 11 July 2013

So, it’s summer time. The Lions. Andy Murray. The Ashes series about to start. The Government apparently re-thinking PCT. The eve of the FLBA annual garden party (with apologies to our regional readers). Has balance really been restored to the Force, or is a Sith Lord still out there fomenting more trouble for the universe(…)

FLBMail 31 May 2013

Dear all, As promised, this is your next edition of FLBMail, written 5 or 6 weeks after the last. At that point we knew that things were beginning to happen, and the pace of development has only continued to accelerate in the past few weeks. Attached to this mail is the new PD 36D, with(…)

FLBMail 16 April 2013

Dear all, I hope that you all received your first electronic only version of Family Affairs, and that you have had the opportunity to read my Chairman’s Column. Had you done so, you might have appreciated that that piece was actually written in Mid-March – about a month ago. So much has happened since then,(…)

FLBMail : Fees

Dear members, In response to a number of serious concerns expressed by members relating to unwarranted rejections and delays in payment of graduated fees claims by the Legal Services Commission, the FLBA recently undertook a survey of a number of chambers in London and on all the circuits to ascertain the extent of this problem(…)

FLBMail : Subscription Rates

[NB All the forms referred to in this FLBMail can be found here] 15th November 2012 Dear Members Family Law Bar Association Subscriptions 2013  I am writing to inform you that at their meeting on 17th October, the FLBA Committee voted to increase membership subscriptions to bring them into line with those of other Specialist(…)

FLBMail : From Remuneration Committee of Bar Council 10 Oct 2012

Dear All, I have been approached by a number practitioners over the last three weeks concerning non-payment of non-VHCC legal aid bills. Most of these individuals have approached me in confidence to complain that the issue was causing grave financial hardship either for that individual or for their Chambers. This is a matter that the(…)

FLBMail 24 September 2012 : Fees

Dear members, Over the last year a significant amount of work has been undertaken on your behalf by the FLBA fees sub committee and the Family reps on the Bar Remuneration Cttee analysing arrangements for publicly funded family fees. In particular: their structure; i.e.) the various types of payment schemes : FAS/FGFS, Hourly Rates &(…)

FLBMail 27 July 2012

TO:  ALL FLBA MEMBERS   Dear all, As the summer arrives and you all sit back and congratulate yourselves on having arrived at the beach/bar/stadium without having to pile through a lengthy dirge from your friendly FLBA committee for simply ages, let me please finally succumb and intrude on your summer plans just long enough(…)