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FLBA National Conference 2013

The East Midlands Family Bar Association invites you to the conference on 16 November 2013 and a celebratory dinner. Sir James Munby will give the conference address and Mr. Justice Michael Keehan will chair the events of the day. The programme will include: The young person with learning difficulties: The young person’s progress through the(…)

Autumn Lecture Series 2013

The Autumn Lectures are free for all current FLBA members. Please note that there will be a charge to non-members of £20 per lecture. Lapsed members will be asked to rejoin or to pay the £20 fee on the door. Venue:  London School of Economics – New Theatre, East Building, Houghton Street Time:  6.15 p.m.(…)

Notice of Elections & AGM 2013

In accordance with paragraph 12(a) of the Constitution I give notice that the AGM will take place at the NCC, Nottingham, at 9.15 am on Saturday 16th November 2013 before the start of the Association’s fourteenth National Conference.  Details of the Programme and how to book will be sent out shortly.  Don’t forget to reserve(…)