I am sending this FLBMail today, rather than wait till next Monday, because of the coming into force on Friday 17 July of highly important legislation.

Amendment to the Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003 – in force 17 July 2015

The Government has fast-tracked the implementation of the new civil law protection measure, the Female Genital Mutilation Protection Order. It will come into force on 17 July, intended to be in time for the school Summer holidays, when girls are particularly at risk of being taken abroad and subjected to FGM. A new section 5A and Schedule 2 to the FGM Act 2003 were introduced by section 73 of the Serious Crime Act 2015. The new FGM Protection Order will be available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and offers protection to girls and women who are victims or may be at risk of FGM. The commencement order and the SI setting out consequential amendments to the FPR 2010 are on the website along with the MoJ Guide to the Court Process.

I am taking this opportunity to bring to your attention also that ‘early bird rates’ for the Bar Conference on Saturday 17 October are available only until 17 July. We have joined forces with the Association of Women Barristers to provide an informative and thought provoking session on protection of women and girls from assault and from the injustice resulting from unregistered marriages.

Susan Jacklin QC Chairman