The Annual Dinner of the Association takes place on Friday 26 February 2016 at 7 .00 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. in Middle Temple Hall. I am delighted to inform you that our guest speaker is the Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP, former Attorney General. I do hope that you will be able to come.

The Dinner is open to all subscribing members of the Association (i.e. those who have paid or now pay the annual subscription) and others to whom the Committee send this invitation. I regret that space in the Hall does not permit us to accommodate individual member’s guests (including spouses or partners).

As is customary, there is space on the booking form for you to indicate, should you wish to do so, any person near whom you would like to be seated. Alternatively, you are free to make a “block­booking”, provided a cheque is received in the full amount accompanied by a list of those who will be attending.

I will try my best to accommodate everyone who expresses a preference, but cannot guarantee to seat all 300 attendees next to their ideal dining partner! As is also now customary, I have included provision for those who do NOT wish to sit with members of their own chambers.

Please send your completed booking form and the necessary payment to the Association’s Administrator, Ms Khadija Khan, to arrive promptly by no later than 12 noon on Friday 12 February 2016. Incredible though it may be, some members of the Family Bar leave things until the very last moment before attending to them. If you are one of them, you risk not getting a place. Members who book but find themselves unable to attend are asked to notify Khadija before offering it to another member of the Association, so that anyone on the waiting list can be allocated a place.

Dress will be black tie and the evening will end at midnight. For those of you who need to leave earlier, the speeches should (I trust) conclude by no later than 10.30 p.m.

The price of tickets is £85 with a reduced rate of £45 for the first 25 applications received from members called in or after 2012 and £50 for the first 25 applications from members whose principal Chambers are situated outside London.

Should you have any special dietary requirements, please kindly notify Khadija at the time of booking.

Ian Bugg Secretary