The FLBA Committee is elected by the membership but the constitution provides for a number of co-options to the committee every year, which we utilise to try to endure that the national committee remains diverse, representative and engaged with all of our membership. Whilst on occasion we may divine a need for a specific specialism in our ranks, we also need to ensure that where possible as many different chambers and regions are represented, and also that younger or newer members of the association, who may have much to give but may not yet be known to a large enough selection of the the membership to feel able to stand for election, can come forward and indicate what they have to offer and put themselves into our minds for present of future co-option. We would welcome any expressions of interest for co-option onto the committee for this year or for the future, by reference to the above criteria. Those who have stood for election but not been successful are not usually considered by this process. Please let us know through Bianca Moodie or our web form if you are interested.

See recent FLBMail for more detail (members only).