The FLBA website gets a lot of traffic in December as members rush to complete their CPD requirements. The FLBA Office is now closed for Xmas. If you experience any technical difficulties this is what you can do:

Problems accessing the members only section of the website

Your user name should be your first name and your last name with a space in between, e.g. “Stephen Cobb”.

If your password doesn’t seem to be accepted try the password reset option on the home page. Check your spam folder in your email (check all your email accounts) if you don’t receive a password reset email in your inbox.

You can change your password back to a memorable password once you are back in.

Please also take a look at the instructions in the walkthrough guide we have prepared.

If this doesn’t work please email setting out what the problem is and what you have tried so far.

Problems with videos

Follow the instructions in the walkthrough guide we have prepared.

PLEASE check your spam and junk folders on ALL email accounts before contacting us. The majority of the technical queries we get relate to problems that could have been solved by following the instructions we’ve provided!

Thanks, and Happy Xmas!